The LI Lacrosse Showcases are dedicated to providing premier events for players who have aspirations of playing collegiate level lacrosse. Having seen how the landscape has changed dramatically, it has been well documented that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation and with the rapid growth, the competition is increasing so it is our goal to put forth a variety of recruiting showcases fo give players a platform to maximize their exposure, to help them ultimately get recruited.  We pride ourselves on keeping our showcases to a limit of 160 total players with a 6:1 player to scout ratio to ensure every prospect is receiving the scouts undivided attention to get seen and evulauated throughout the course of the day. Transparency is something else we truly believe in as too many times several companies tend to fabricate the truth with a false number of colleges attending so we feel obliged to present the list of colleges who have confirmed they will be in attendance so the player and parents can make a decision that is best for them.  If you attend our showcases,, you will be guaranteed top exposure from a variety of different NCAA Division I, II & III Colleges/Universities.  For those interested, be sure to register as spots are limited and based on a first come, first serve basis!




“We typically have to travel to recruit players from the east coast but the LI Showcase allows us to identify the top players right here in our own backyard per se’ and Mercy College will certainly be a part of this showcase every year! ”

Coach Anselmin / Mercy College, Head Coach

“The LI Showcase is in a perfect showcase setting that facilitates the recruiting process so you can count us in every year!”

Coach Marks / Canisius College, Assistant Coach